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Risk Management

A solid foundation is paramount when building something of great value. This is never truer than in the design of an overall financial strategy. In volatile times, when a plan becomes subject to unexpected changes in circumstances or liquidity, it can deteriorate or collapse under its own design. A strategy should allow for contingencies, like the death or disability of a principal earner, loss of a job or reduction of income, a medical emergency, a special needs child, or to act on an unexpected financial opportunity.

We discuss strategies with a “protection first” philosophy, that is, protecting what our clients have before addressing the risk and uncertainty of something they do not have. Rather than focusing first on maximum rate of return through investment selection and allocation, we address protection first.

Protection Planning Services

  • Comprehensive Protection Overview
  • Life Insurance Death Benefits Based on Human Life Value
  • True Own-occupation Long Term Disability Protection
  • Long Term Care Event Analysis and Recommendations
  • Group Insurance Assessment
  • Health Insurance Review
  • Short-term Savings
  • Strategies Designed to Address Longevity Risk Inherent During Retirement
  • Discussions Regarding Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning
  • Legacy Strategies

Protection management is a simple but essential initial step in evaluating our clients’ overall financial health.

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