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Business Planning Services

We recognize that for business owners a financial strategy must be built around their business and how it fits into their lifetime objectives. A business can represent the greatest asset a client owns, or it can become the largest problem in a poorly-assembled estate or financial plan. Since our approach is holistic, we recognize that a profit sharing pension plan or any particular investment recommendation may be insufficient when put in the context of a business transfer strategy, executive retention plan, or long-term business growth objective.

Additionally, while some strategies may have been appropriate when implemented, reviewing them for current sufficiency and progress towards a stated goal is critical to stay on track.

Business Planning Services

  • Business Continuation Strategies
  • Buy-Sell Planning and Funding
  • Informal Business Valuation Services
  • Pension Plan Analysis with Evaluation Against “Successful” vs. “Popular” Plan Metrics
  • Executive Benefit and Deferred Compensation Strategies, including Phantom Stock Plans and 409A Compliance
  • 401(k) and Qualified Plan Design Assistance and Implementation
  • 401(k) Enrollment and Education, 404(c) Fiduciary Relief, 408(b)(2) Disclosures
  • 412(e)(3) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, SEPs, SIMPLEs
  • Voluntary Employee Financial Seminars
  • Own-occupation Disability Protection
  • Multi-Life Guaranteed Standard Issue Own-occupation Disability Protection
  • Corporate Debt Protection
  • Disability Overhead Expense Coverage
  • Employer-paid Long Term Care
  • Group Health Care and Ancillary Benefits

We believe evaluating a business owner’s financial strategies related to protection, liquidity, human and asset retention, and business continuation is critical to real success.

David M. Edwards & Associates Financial Services, Inc., does not give legal or tax advice. You should consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your individual situation.